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How Good Teachers Become Great

The Folio Collaborative addresses the needs of faculty and staff.

In 2009, a group of McDonogh faculty members and administrators, committed to developing the best possible system for enhancing faculty and staff growth and learning, created Folio. The system was designed to track each professional’s goal-setting process and performance and to elicit feedback from peers, supervisors, and students. It allowed for growth opportunities including coaching, workshops and seminars on campus and elsewhere, and graduate education. The Folio web application, developed first by members of McDonogh’s technology department, made it possible to manage the process efficiently and bring all its components together in one easily accessible place. 

Soon, Folio attracted the attention of other independent schools looking for a more meaningful process for faculty evaluation and growth. The program blossomed, prompting its founders to create Folio Collaborative, an organization that supports its member schools in the process of adopting Folio and adapting it to their needs. Today, the Folio Collaborative provides members with the myFolio online platform, training and coaching on how to maximize the Folio experience, and a community of like-minded schools and school leaders who inspire and learn from each other.

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