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School Store Offers Clothing, Candy, and More

Pencils, pens, note-books, and stationery are a staple of the store, candy is a favorite commodity.

An article in the May 5, 1928, issue of The Week described the frenzy that took place when the store opened in the evening. “Most boys feel pretty much lost without a bite of candy now and then. And at the School, they are not allowed to go to the nearest candy store, about a mile away. So the School itself has a small counter. Usually, the end of supper starts a wild rush for the store. A line is no time in forming and it is not usually very quiet. Mr. Davis comes up from the dining room and somehow gets behind the counter. Then the dispensing of the candy begins.” 

It’s easy to imagine the boys standing in line behind the student at the front trying to decide how to spend his limit of five cents worth of candy a day. The article continued, “The result is that the line often has to wait impatiently while a boy up at the head tries to decide what investment to make. All the candy is spread out in five-cent bars or packagés. This would simplify matters if it weren’t that just as one decides that a peanut bar is the only buy, the delights of all-day suckers present themselves.”

Over time, in addition to sweet treats and supplies, components of the military uniform were sold in the store in the basement of Allan Building. More recently, the store has been a popular destination for students, alumni, and parents to buy McDonogh-branded clothing and spiritwear. In McDonogh’s 150th-Anniversary year, additional items commemorating the milestone were added and have been flying off the shelves. Among the most popular buys is Becoming McDonogh School, a stunning coffee table book that follows the School’s journey with compelling photography and page-turning narrative written by professional historians.

An online store, open 24/7, has also proven to be a convenient option for customers near and far to stock up on hats, sportswear, ties, hair bows, key chains, and gifts for every member of the McDonogh Family. Plans call for a new and improved online store to open in time for the 2024-2025 school year.

In the meantime, students still flock to the School Store for candy or a snack thanks to contests (guess the amount of candy corn in the jar) and promotions (celebrate National Chocolate Day with a discount on chocolate). And although there may be a line at the check-out, the five-cent spending limit no longer applies.

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